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Our Missionaries Serving the Home Office

Bruce has been serving as General Director since September 1995. Previous to this, he & Ruth served as missionaries for 12 1/2 years in Kenya and Tanzania. The Lord used them to start one Bible Institute, reorganize another, and plant two churches while they were there.

Bruce and Ruth Busch
General Director

Bruce: Administration, Preaching, Visiting Fields
Ruth: Children and Ladies

Gospel Furthering Fellowship
221 Hamilton Ave.
Myerstown, PA 17067
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Home Address:
4926 Governor Holt St.
Efland, NC 27243

Email: tedball@juno.com

Ted and Sandy Ball

The Ball family is both current and former GFF missionaries, having served with the Fellowship in the 1980s & 1990s, and then serving in another ministry for twelve years before returning to the Fellowship. They have been active church planters all of their adult lives, having planted six churches in the United States during their years of ministry. Ted has also found time to be involved in the Pastorate as well.

Since their return to GFF, Ted has been serving as Assistant Director. He and Sandy are now taking a lateral transfer, with a different focus. Although Ted & Sandy are retirement age, they do not want to retire (they would do more work if they could). It is now time for them to leave the demanding job as Assistant Director to assume a less–demanding role. They still intend to recruit new missionaries, help with church planting (and new church–planters), as well as be extensively involved in mission correspondence and encouraging our GFF missionaries. They will do it in a consultant role, which physically requires less. Full retirement is not for them!


G.F.F. is...
a Mission founded in 1935 made up of a team of missionaries, administrators and board of directors who have been burdened to win people to Christ, establish them in strong, indigenous local churches and train national leadership.
G.F.F. is...
headquartered in beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch country near Lebanon and Lancaster
G.F.F. is...
an independent, fundamental Baptist, local church oriented faith Mission serving Baptist and Bible churches in their missions outreach.
G.F.F. is...
a Mission with a strong doctrinal position opposed to the new evangelical, charismatic and liberal church movements along with all other compromising trends.
G.F.F. is...
a Mission which is involved in church planting around the world.
G.F.F. is...
looking to God for missionaries to help expand the vision and ministries of G.F.F. around the world wherever our Lord directs.


We believe the top ministry priority that God has given to us is to assist local, fundamental churches in the primary mission of the church which is exalting and glorifying God by:
1. Exalting of God
2. Evangelizing the Lost
3. Edifying of Believers
4. Establishing of Local Churches
5. Educating Church Leadership
6. Extending Ministries

G.F.F. is trusting the Lord for His choice of saved, dedicated workers with the following interests to help build church planting teams:

Pastors Bible Institute Teachers
Bible Teachers Children's Workers
Evangelists Youth Ministers
Church Planters Linguists/Translators
Disciplers Representatives


  1. People who are burdened to reach the lost, discipling them in individual or small group Bible studies that could lead to new churches being established on all our current fields or on new ones as the Lord leads.
  2. Bible institute/college teachers for established schools in Africa either in English or the local language.
  3. Experienced missionaries (who might be retired) or pastors could be used either short term or longer to represent G.F.F. ministries at churches, mission's conferences or in Bible Colleges. They could also be used to teach in one of our English (language) Bible Schools.

Gospel Furthering Fellowship Goals and Prayer Requests

By faith, Gospel Futhering Fellowhsip has set the following goals for missionairies:

Asia - 12 missionaries

Canada - 3 missionaries

Kenya - 4 missionaries

Spain - 5 missionaries

Tanzania - 10 missionaries

U.S.A. - 6 missionaries

These are modest goals, easily achieved by prayer. Please pray for these missionaries - Matt. 9:38.

Prayer is so important for all of our missionaries already on the field. Each one is listed on the web page. We ask for prayer for each of these missionaries.

Our home office missionaries need your prayers to continue the work of the Mission Board. They are involved in recruiting, training, supporting, encouraging, visiting and coordinating all aspects of mission work in the field and in pre-field preparation.

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