Population: 31 million

People: Tribal groups, Akamba, Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya and many others

Distribution: 22% urban, 78% rural

Languages: Official Language: English

National Language: Swahili, Many tribal languages

Religions: Protestantism, Islam, traditional religions, Roman Catholicism

Government Type: Republic.

Government leader: Mwai Kibaki, President

Capital: Nairobi


Politics - Independent from Britain since 1963. Virtually a one-party state for much of the time since then, President Moi' government has modest economic success, but has also deepened tribal divisions within the country during his almost twenty-five years as president. (1978-2002) Kenya's future is not good unless there is meaningful change.

Economy - Predominantly agricultural, light industries, and a major tourist industry. Post-independence stability aided good growth until 1976. Recession, foreign debt and mismanagement have eroded this. The ruling elite have little interest other than in retaining power and amassing wealth. The endemic corruption is gradually ruining the infra-structure, devastating whole industries and drying up the flow of tourists and foreign finance.

Religion - There is full freedom of religion and much of the population professes to be Christian - including many in leadership.


More than 65 years ago some dedicated men and women answered the call of God to serve the Lord in full time missions. They formed the organizing basis for the establishing of the Gospel Furthering Fellowship in Kenya and 13 years later in Tanzania, E. Africa.

From the start it was their desire to evangelize, establish churches and train nationals for church leadership ministries. The task has been done and done well. Today, Gospel Furthering Fellowship, through its missionaries and national pastors, has over 400 local churches to testify of God's graciousness and the honoring of these goals.

The local church, among other things, has become a training center. The missionary staffed Bible Institute was much needed in Africa to assist the growing number of small local churches in training workers.


Nairobi Bible Institute is located in the capital city and is a traditional three-year Bible Institute program. Nairobi is a large and growing city with a population of over 2 million. For approximately 35 years NBI has been involved in training African men and women in the Word and sound theology and to develop their spiritual gifts to serve their churches and begin new ones. The task of reaching Africa is the responsibility of the African people themselves. For those whom God has saved and burdened we want to give the tools to help them accomplish their task. Along with NBI there are 10 branch church leaders' schools in various locations throughout Kenya.


1. Church Planters (there are 22 unreached people groups in Kenya)

2. Teachers for the Bible College (NBI)

3. Short term ministries: evangelism, teaching, construction projects.

GFF is looking for men and women who are called of God to serve on the mission field. GFF has competent, experienced leadership and is willing to assist new missionaries in becoming successful missionaries for God's glory.


GFF will consider any creative means in order to initiate church planting movements among any unreached people group (UPG). We offer career, short term and summer opportunities to be directly involved in reaching UPGs. We are open to going to any UPG if there are no fundamental ministries trying to reach them and there is a team of people who feel God leading them to go with GFF to get the job done.


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