The Myers Family

The Myers family continues to ‘grow up,’ as we would expect. They are on furlough in the United States as of this writing, but (as always) ‘itching’ to get back to Tanzania. They have been very pleased to see that while they were in the Arusha area (Tanzania’s northern capital), with the newly-arrived Shipe family, they were able to plant a church in that area!

All of us have been ‘itching’ to see the Myers (and now the Shipes) relocate to an area closer to the Datooga tribe. They now have bought land in that area (Magugu, in central Tanzania) and when the Myers return to Tanzania (late 2013), they expect to begin the process of moving there. It will be another huge adjustment, but that is what missionaries do – adjust.

We don’t know exactly what to expect in the future, as the Myers return and plan to move. Certainly we expect the devil’s opposition. We can do nothing, but PRAY and trust the Omnipotent God!

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