United States of America

Population: 282,000,000+

Language: English

Peoples: A nation of immigrants with a greater diversity of ethnic origins than any other on earth.
Predominant Religion: 86.5% Christian. Freedom of religion is written into the constitution. No country in the world has been so strongly influenced by biblical Christianity.

Government: Independent from Britain since 1776 as a federal republic.

Capital: Washington D.C.


Politics -The U.S. became independent from Britain in 1776 as a federal republic. The number of states increased from the original 13 to 50 as the nation expanded westwards across the continent and the Pacific Ocean. The strong democratic tradition with emphasis on private initiative and civil liberties has helped to make the nation a world leader. The USA emerged from World War II as the leading industrial and military power in the world - but for 40 years was in cold-war confrontation with the USSR. Military defeat in the Vietnam War was a trauma from which the USA slowly recovered in the 1980's, but still deeply affects foreign policy. The evaporation of the threat from the USSR with its collapse in 1991 left the USA as the only global superpower, but uncertain in its application of that power toward a more peaceful world. The multiplication of localized ethnic wars, and increased danger from well-armed but small terrorist forces, demand a watchful vigilance from the USA.

Economy - The US has the most powerful, diverse and technologically advanced economy in the world, rich in agricultural and natural resources, yet 35 million live below the poverty line. It has a free-market economy with great flexibility. It is part of NAFTA, the North American Free Trade area and strong importer from other lands and a large adverse trade balance - so any US economic downturn has global repercussions. (Operation World, 21st Century Edition, WEC International)


1. Spiritual unity among those of like precious faith.

2. Church leadership with a servant heart, high moral standards, and the ability to disciple successors.

3. Effective Bible exposition and teaching that motivates believers. Many Christians are over-evangelized and under-fed.

4. A clear biblical stand and appropriate involvement in the issues of our day. Example: our high divorce rate (even among Christians), homosexuality, abortion, etc.


G.F.F. has been involved in church planting in the United States and since 1986 three local churches have been started and/or assisted and are now independent. Four other churches are in the process.


1. Ten church planters

2. A representative for the western United States

G.F.F. is looking for men and women who are called of God to serve on the mission field. G.F.F. has competent, experienced leadership and is willing to assist new missionaries in becoming successful missionaries for God's glory.

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