Population: 31,146,639

Language: English & French

Predominant Religion: Roman Catholicism & Protestantism

Government: Federal State

Capital: Ottawa

Peoples: Canada is a mosaic of indigenous and immigrant nations and peoples, many of whom have retained much of their original cultures.


Politics - A federal monarchy with parliamentary government, independent of Britain in 1867. The unity of Canada is under threat due to increasing polarization between Francophone Quebec and the other, Anglophone, provinces. A Quebec referendum in 1995 voted to remain in Canada by only the narrowest of margins. Possibly as much as 20% of the country's land area is gradually being restored to Canada's indigenous peoples.

Economy - Canada is one of the world's leading industrial nations, and a member of the 'G8' economic powers. Over 75% of Canada's trade is with the USA, in which, along with Mexico, it is closely linked in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This interdependence moderates trends towards an economic nationalism. Increasing economic links with Asia reflect new realities within the country.

Religion - Freedom of religion, but rapid secularization and pluralization are taking place at every level of society. The Christian Church has become marginalized in Canadian society, as many major historic denominations have suffered disastrous declines in membership. The loss of biblical roots, lack of vision for evangelism and compromise on ethical issues have all contributed to this tragic situation. The Church has allowed pluralism and secularization to undermine its foundations. Canada needs revival. (Operation World, 21st Century Edition, WEC International)


One of the major cities, with a population of over one million, is the area of greater Edmonton in the western Canadian province of Alberta. GFF work started there in 1986.

Currently GFF does not have missionaries in Canada, although we have one missionary on pre-field ministry, we are open to starting church planting ministries in any part of Canada. One burden we have had is for the many immigrants and other minority ethnic groups in Canada. We are trusting God to send workers into this very needy mission field.


  1. Evangelism 3. Establishing of Churches
  2. Discipleship 4. Education


GFF will consider any creative means in order to initiate church planting movements among any unreached people group (UPG). We offer career, short term and summer opportunities to be directly involved in reaching UPGs. We are open to going to any UPG if there are no fundamental ministries trying to reach them and there is a team of people who feel God leading them to go with GFF to get the job done.


1. Five Church Planters, including ethnic ministries.
2. Four children's workers

GFF is looking for men and women who are called of God to serve on the mission field. GFF has competent, experienced leadership and is willing to assist new missionaries in becoming successful missionaries for God's glory.


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