Population: 40 Million

Language: Spanish (Castilian) is the largest language group, but some groups also speak Catalan, Galician or Basque

Peoples: Indigenous

Predominant Religion: Roman Catholicism, a small number of Protestants including some fundamentalists, Islam and Judaism

Capital: Madrid


Politics - Spain's tumultuous past moulds the present. The Muslim Moorish occupation lasted 700 years, ending in 1492. The world-wide Spanish empire lasted for three centuries. The last two centuries have been marked by instability, civil wars and dictatorships; the latter under General Franco lasted from 1939 to 1975. There is now a constitutional monarchy with an effective multi-party democracy. Wide powers have been given to 17 autonomous communities as a means of preserving national unity. The left-wing Basque ETA terrorist campaign for full Basque independence has plagued Spain and divided the Basque community since 1961.

Economy - The mightiest economic power in the world in the 16th Century followed by three centuries of decline and economic stagnation until entry into the EU in 1986. Integration into Europe has transformed the country into a modern, confident, industrial power with rapidly rising living standards. The main sources of income are tourism and industry.

Religion - During Franco's dictatorship, Catholicism was the state religion. Non-Catholics, especially Evangelicals, were subject to discrimination and even persecution. The 1978 constitution guaranteed equality of rights for all ideologies and religions, though Catholicism remains the official religion. Although equality for Evangelicals, Muslims and Jews was only established in 1992, there are still evidences of covert discrimination against religious minorities. Over 30%, though baptized Catholic, no longer claim any link with Catholicism and a further 40-50% are inactive. (Operation World, 21st Century Edition, WEC International)


The Gospel Furthering Fellowship began a ministry in Spain in 1993 with one missionary. During his time there he was working with three national Pastors two of whom are now working as full-time GFF church planters in Spain. Our current needs in Spain are for missionaries to evangelize and plant churches. This would include soul-winning and small group Bible studies, as well as children ministries, all with the goal of establishing strong fundamental churches.


GFF will consider any creative means in order to initiate church planting movements among any unreached people group (UPG). We offer career, short term and summer opportunities to be directly involved in reaching UPGs. We are open to going to any UPG if there are no fundamental ministries trying to reach them and there is a team of people who feel God leading them to go with GFF to get the job done.


1. Church Planters

2. Youth Workers

3. Short term ministries, evangelism, teaching, construction projects.

G.F.F. is looking for men and women who are called of God to serve on the mission field. G.F.F. has competent, experienced leadership and is willing to assist new missionaries in becoming successful missionaries for God's glory.


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