Unreached People Groups

The Gospel Furthering Fellowship is presently targeting a number of UPGs (Unreached People Groups) in Africa and Asia. Due to security concerns, most Asian UPGs cannot be mentioned. However, in Tanzania, East Africa, we are presently targeting:


We are open to reaching any other groups to which the Lord may direct us, and supply the necessary personnel to go. At last count, there are over three billion people who have never had an opportunity to receive Christ as Savior. This state of affairs CANNOT continue!

Vision Statement of the Gospel Furthering Fellowship:

"That GFF will consider any creative means or risk in order to initiate church planting movements among any unreached people group. We offer career, short term, and summer opportunities to be directly involved in reaching unreached people groups. We are open to going to any unreached people group in any country if there are no other fundamental ministries trying to reach them, and if there is a team of people who feel that God is leading them to partner with GFF to get the job done."

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